Just a short trip this time.  The weather is iffy but, heigh-ho, we’re looking forward to this short visit to Cornwall.  We had to postpone our trip because of illness, but things are much better now so, here we go…

As I said, the weather is not all it could be but, considering that it is early March, we are prepared to take what it delivers and make the most of Cornwall’s gorgeous scenery and, what’s more important, let Alfie enjoy the delights of romping across the wonderful beaches before the seasonal dog ban comes in.

I whiled away the long drive by taking experimental photos on my phone through the rain splattered windscreen.


The rain is fairly non-stop but, as we near Somerset, the most delightful effects of the clouds and that sort of bright light that burns itself through them, puts everything into sharp focus and I reached for my phone and clicked away…


The rain grew more heavy…


But, as the afternoon went on the weak sun pierced its way through the clouds and the photos gradually became coloured instead of mainly black and white!


Excuse the smudges – from the windscreen!

I liked the juxtaposition of the MacDonalds sign beneath the deep blue sky. (see featured image).

We neared Truro just before 5.45pm but, luckily, the traffic wasn’t too bad…


As we drove down the twisty tree-lined hill towards our destination (Come to Good Farm) it was just about  6pm and the three farm dogs greeted us at the gate!



As we drove up the farm track, a most gloriousl apricot sky greeted us…


while the  chickens and running ducks were settling down for the evening.  We’ll see more of them in the morning.  Good start!