The weather was supposed to be sunny in the morning and rain in the afternoon today but this (luckily) proved to be nonsence here in Cornwall.  Blue skies and white fluffy clouds – perfect for a trip to the beach.  We visited Praa Sands in November but it didn’t look quite look like this!

We parked Madge in the car park above the beach – so convenient.


There are winding steps down to the beach.


The blue skies hid the fact that the wind was tremendous.  It was ok from right to left but tried to blow us off our feet on the way back!

Alfie, of course, loved every moment, running with the wind in his tail (as opposed to sail) and saying a brief hello to every dog he met,  This was Cornwall at its best!  We picked up a few interesting stones for our collection at home.


Imagine living perched on top of a cliff like this house!


Or seeing a tree on the beach…


The explanation for the latter I discovered as we left the beach… Not exactly Keats or Wordsworth but a brave effort…


There were the usual gulls of course but also the odd rook…


We ate our lunch in Madge looking over the cliff.  The wind was stirring the waves up and the surfers had started to arrive – just four at first but eventually a total of fifteen!


I took these through the windscreen at some distance so apologies for any bluriness.

One more photo and we left this wonderful scene.


Whereto tomorrow?