The forecast has actually come true today.  We awoke to a white sky and rain, and then more rain.

Our idea was to visit Porthleven on the south coast.  We went there in November last year but had to abandon the visit because it was packed and nowhere visible to park a large motorhome.  That was a Sunday so we were determined that this time we wouldn’t go at the weekend.

This time it was  a different place and we had the luxury of being able to take our time to find a carpark and one that was not far from the harbour.  One reason for my determination to walk round Porthleven was that in the early 1900s my Great Uncle Jack was a coastguard there and I knew where he lived with his Welsh wife.  The coastguard houses have now been converted into smart flats but, thank goodness, they have kept the original facade intact.


These are on top of a huge cliff so felt today was not the day to inspect them more closely!  Especially as the lanes that wind their way upwards are twisty and narrow!



The above photos were taken from the cosy interior of the 17th century Ship Inn at the end of the harbourside wall opposite.


We had been here in the 1990s and remembered the excellent meal we had had there.  What better plan to get out of the rain?  This is the amazing ceiling – covered in beer mats mostly.


The pub has no problems with dogs and I sat next to a lovely grey lurcher (no photo as he was too shy!),  A huge husky with wonderful black and white fur and beautiful blue eyes accompanied an old salt at the bar with a wonderful Cornish accent (the old salt not the dog).  The Ship is the sort of genuine pub that it’s a pleasure to visit – yes, some visitors but a lot of locals too.

petebar VALPUB

We ate a great lunch but have both got so used to eating smaller meals of late that we had to leave quite a lot.  Lovely friendly service but eventually we had to face the rain and walk back along the harbourside.  It was far worse now – strong winds and horizontal rain!


When we got back to the campsite we both fell asleep!

Unfortunately, the forecast is for yet more rain tomorrow but it won’t be too long, hopefully,  before the sun will make a welcome re-appearance.