The weather today is not brilliant – started with sun but that soon disappeared. We decided to go to Marazion as we knew we could park and also Alfie would love the beach.

Surfers seem to inhabit all the beaches in Cornwall and the one above has the great background of Penzance in the distance.  There is, of course, plenty of surf to be had and the strong wind would certainly help.  No such sport when we first visited Marazion in 1966 – the year after we got married.  We shared a cottage with another couple – with mixed results.  (I remember disputes about food sharing) but it’s a lovely place to to have a holiday.  I also seem to remember the choice being influenced by the fact I had just read the Nevil Shute novel of the same name.  It’s a great place, famous, of course, for St Michael’s Mount, the island which is linked by a causeway to the town.



The equipment must cost quite a lot for the wind surfers…


… but it’s not all about the surfers – the dogs love it too…


Though some dogs are not quite this adventurous…


Alfie is not too keen on getting his feet wet but these oystercatchers have no problem.


This surfer looks a little apprehensive as the gull aproaches…


Away from the coast, there is still evidence of the tin mining that used to be a major factor in this area…


Engine House


Vent chimney

Finally, not a sight you’d expect to find in Cornwall – a field of Llamas!  Although I think the white one looks more like some kind of dinasaur!

llamaReally hoping for some better weather tomorrow but the forecast seems to change hourly!