Today’s weather looked set fair – lots of sun and no rain until early evening.  I had done a bit of homework and liked the sound of Chapel Porth on the north coast between St Agnes and Porthtowan.  It is owned by the National Trust to keep it unspoiled so it sounded promising,  The road to it was twisty and tortuous but when we turned right at the sign and started to descent the steep hill, what a sight was revealed…


At the bottom of the hill there was a large NT carpark (for which we didn’t have to pay, being members, and already quite a few parked cars.  Loads of room for Madge however.  What you can’t see from here (but I had read about) is the rocky entrance to the bay.  This is a photo looking back towards the carpark (spot Madge extreme left) showing the wide stretch of rocks which you have to navigate before you get to the beach.  Tricky!  Especially for someone who has dodgy balance at the best of times!


Howver, I had my trusty hiking stick with me and I managed to get down the rocks with no accidents.  it was worth it.


Here I am looking like Scott of the Antarctic!

Here are some of the gorgeous shots we took:






There’s a lovely little cafe and after we’d treated ourselves to a couple of ice cream cones (blackcurrant for me,  chocolate/fudge for Peter) before we dragged ourselves away.

Further along the coast we stopped for something to eat and there were some fabulous views:


Onwards and we were drawn to a sign saying ‘Godrevy’ and of course this turned out to be the Godrevy Lighthouse.  Another fantastic photographic opportunity (see featured image) and we made a promise to ourselves that this area deserved a longer visit – hopefully before we go home.

We decided to finish off the day with a brief visit to St Ives, one of our truly loved Cornish towns.  This was a fishing visit (excuse the pun) in a way, just to see whether it was feasible to take Madge there, bearing in mind  the size of the roads and closeness of the buildings!  We found a huge carpark high up (which I don’t think was there on our previous visits) and decided this looked credible as there were spaces for coaches.  Hopefully we’ll make it back here before the week is up.

What a view!  Could the houses be closer?


Gorgeous views everywhere (taken on the move!):


Can’t wait to return!