This is Part One of a wonderful day out.  I am spreading it over two days, one, because over 400 photos were taken and, two, because I happen to know that Storm Gareth is on the horizon and may well prevent any adventures on Tuesday!

It was a brilliantly sunny day (which always helps photography) and the scene we encountered was so colourful and sparkling that it was a job to stop clicking!  The object was to go back to Sennen Cove to give Alfie a fabulous run on the beach.  We decided to go via Newlyn.  I thought I remembered it as a sleepy village with a few fishing boats but it’s been many years since we were there.  Today’s Newlyn is a bustling fishing town chock-full of character.  Difficult to take photos as we couldn’t park but I still managed it!

Here are some of them, starting with a view of St Michael’s Mount and the causeway at low tide..

SMMSlightly cloudy at this stage but the sun soon came out.

But it was out by the tine we reached the tropical paradise of Penzance!


My attention was drawn to the Jubilee Pool as we passed beside it.  It was built in 1935 as a celebration of the Silver Jubilee of George V.  I found this website very interesting and includes a very enjoyable video of a film taken at the time and with suitable 30s accompaniment.


The statue of Sir Humphry Davy that overlooks Penzance’s high street was erected in 1872, nearly 50 years after his death in 1829. Set in front of the Market House the position befits the contribution Davy made to science.


At first glance, Newlyn looked a typical Victorian town and it wasn’t until we turned the corner that we were amazed by the number of colourful boats in the harbour…






Across the water there was the familiar sight of St Michael’s Mount from a different angle…




Can you get more houses and boats in?


So, that’s half of our brilliant day – please click the next episode for the second half.  When I’ve written it of course!