…we took the train instead!  A lovely day today so perfect for our trip to St. Ives and the idea was to leave Madge at Lelant Saltings and pick up the GWR train which runs between St Erth and St. Ives stations virtually every half an hour.

A wonderful opportunity to take some breathtaking photos during the 10 minute journey




The end of the line…


On the left is where we stayed in the 1990s – Pedn Olva Hotel:


Who needs the Bahamas?  Well, ok, it might be a bit warmer there…

Alfie had a wonderful time on the beach tearing around…


and then we decided to bring back memories and, because the Pedn Olva welcomes our four-legged friends, we had lunch in their glass fronted dining area overlooking the sea. We put our kagoules under the table and Alfie made a nice nest on them!  He was very good.


After lunch we walked into the town, looking at all the arty shops and partaking of some scrummy ice cream cones while sitting beside the harbour.  Peter took photos of some Turnstones who were mingling with the Gulls.




Just for you, Sean!

And then it was time to stroll back to the station to catch the little train back to Lelant Saltings.  I have to say Alfie wasn’t sure about the train – in fact he barked at the conductor as she checked our tickets!


Tomorrow the weather doesn’t look good but we are hoping to visit Newlyn Gallery first and then finish up at Sennen Cove for Alfie (and not ruling out the little cafe there!)