We knew that today was going to be bad – in the weather stakes that is – and it sure didn’t disappoint!  Howling winds and wet stuff constantly coming out of the sky…

So… we had a plan.  Doing some research, I ascertained that Penlee House in Penzance held some of the paintings from the Newlyn School, whereas the Newlyn Gallery only held modern paintings.  So, off to Penzance we drove and hoped to be able to park nearby in the carpark.  There was room but not for the juggernaut that is Madge.  We managed to park in an adjacent street but only for 45 mins.


They had a terrific display of Victorian photographs taken by local photographers.  A good insight into Cornish life at that time, especially the fishing community.  Disappointingly there was only one room of Newlyn School paintings.  This is part of a painting by Stanhope Forbes – I just wish I could paint like that – so understated and deceptively simple!


I mentioned the other day about the Jubilee Pool in Penzance and I found this wonderful poster in the Gallery:


Isn’t it great?  Excellent that it is being re-vamped again.

Peter had a quick look round and then went back to guard Madge from marauding parking officials.  Ironically, he saw none.

We had promised ourselves another visit to the cafe in Sennen Cove so off we went – ostensibly to give Alfie a run on the beach…

Alfie didn’t seem that interested in getting out of a warm and cosy Madge but Peter insisted he did.  I decided to stay in the warm!  On the way back along the beach Alfie decided to run back, so desperate was he to get out of the rain and wind!  While on the beach, Peter spotted this disgusting looking jellyfish… He included part of his shoe to give a better idea of the jellyfish’s size.  Yuk!


We left Alfie cosy in Madge and then struggled against the wind along the promenade to get to Little Bo cafe.  Keeping one’s hat on was not easy!


Lovely to sit in the warm and cosy atmosphere of the cafe and there were a few other windswept customers too, plus some dogs!  We went for hot soup today – courgette & Cornish blue cheese (Peter) and sweet potato & coconut (me)  … followed by cake of course!

At least we were blown back to the carpark and a journey back to Come to Good Farm.