Not the running ducks here on Come to Good farm, though they are quite humorous of course.  There’s definitely  something very comical about them!

The morning dawned very grey and we knew that it wasn’t going to improve much during the day,  Today we have an appointment to keep.  We have been given a place for a site tour of the new Kressen Kurnow (Cornish Records Office) that will open this year in Redruth.  To quote the official website, Kresen Kernow will be “an exemplary modern archive and library space, bringing together the world’s largest collection of manuscripts, books and documents related to Cornwall, as well as Cornwall Record Office, the Cornish Studies Library and the Cornwall and Scilly Historic Environment Record, for the first time.”

On the way we passed a secondary school in Truro and encountered students demonstrating against climate change.


Going back to Kresen Kernow,  it is utilising the historic Redruth Brewery building at “the heart of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site in Redruth.”

There is a determined effort to reinvigorate the area and around the town there are reminders of Redruth’s industrial past:


The Redruth Brewery has been transformed into a vast modern space and Tamsin, who showed us and a group of pensioners round was very enthusiastic about the future for the centre.  We shall certainly be visiting it again in the autumn to do a bit of work on my Pellow ancestors who originated in the Falmouth area.



As you can see, the builders are still on-site!



Former chimney incorporated




It’s going to be a great space and we were struck with how friendly Tamsin was (she studied at Canterbury!) and how relaxed they plan to make the space for researchers.

Outside they have erected a group of people (rather strange)  to echo the community feel. I had a word…


Afterwards we set off for Praa Sands as Alfie deserved a run.

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He’s really going to miss the beach.

Last full day tomorrow and we will miss Cornwall too!