What a day!  Gale-force winds and plenty of rain just waiting to fall out of the sky.  Knowing it was our last day, we wanted to give Alfie his very last beach walk of the holiday and decided perhaps Marazion was our best bet.

Peter took Alf down to the beach but he didn’t think much of it and bolted back to the carpark!  Meanwhile I was trying to take a video of the surfer with the red kite.  I got something but unfortunately it’s far too big to put on here!  I can tell you, though, that at one moment he rose almost to the same height as St Michael’s Mount.  The weather may not have suited Alfie but it was fantastic for the kite surfers!

Never mind, Peter went to the cafe and got us some ice creams.  Sorry I have already eaten half of my gooseberry and caramel before taking a photo.  A fantastic duo!


We thought we might as well head back to the farm but Peter tried a lane going down to Perranuthnoe.  We parked in a little carpark and he decided to walk down to the sea…


Just a concrete ramp with some oldies struggling up it.


Okay, he thought, let’s try the next one.

A narrow road, which was fine and we’d already gone about a mile when we came up again a car coming the other way!  Squeezing up to a five bar gate was not good enough and the only thing for it was to start reversing…


Then another car came up behind us and then another one behind that.  Add to that, another car joined the one in front of us!  So, we all started slowly reversing until, thank goodness, we reached a farmyard in which we could turn – once all the others had moved on of course.

That was it and we decided no more narrow lanes!

It was a relief to get back to our farmyard and Peter, quite exhausted fell asleep.  I decided to have a go at a couple of watercolours – just tiny ones for a change…


Pedn Olva Hotel, St. Ives


St. Ives harbour

Nice to get a bit of painting done before we go home tomorrow.

Thanks for following our blog posts everyone – hope to be back soon!