It’s been a long time since I added to our travel blog so thought this time of self-isolation was a good excuse – if I needed one really.

Our holiday had been planned for some time and, as two OAPs who are trying desperately to avoid the “you know what” we thought “well, why not still go?”  We stay in lovely Madge on a beautifully quiet farm with hens and running ducks so we can carry on our isolation just as well here as at home.

So, Peter and I plus one excited Jack Russell called Alfie set out today from the farm to our favourite beach at Praa Sands.  On the way I was hoping to photograph a field full of dafodils.  No sign of them so I had to make do with a field of cauliflowers.


Not much sun, unfortunately, but the light was bright and the surf was brisk.  And the tide was as far in as we have ever seen it.  (We are parked in the carpark which looks straight down over the beach).


Down on the beach Alfie was in second heaven and leapt and ran over the sand in rapture.


Hovering over the beach was a paraglider – more used to seeing windsurfers here but it looked fun if you don’t mind heights.


We posed in our usual uniform for our holidays – woolly hats and parkas!



I love the patterns the foam makes on the sand as the tide recedes…




Not sure about this character Peter came up against though…


Dusbin-lid jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo) Size about 40cm! 

I grabbed a sandy seat three-quarters along the beach with Alfie following Peter of course but he’s always pleased to see me on the way back…


When we went down onto the beach it was just us and the paraglider there but very soon the population increased – mostly couples with dogs of all kind…


Dog owners are mostly friendly people and are only too pleased to discuss their dogs and so it proved today.  As with last time we were here, we found a detectorist hard at work along the water’s edge…


I stopped to ask him whether he had found anything of interest.  He was very chatty and I found myself taking steps backwards as he warmed to his subject (thinking ‘must be two meters away…) and told me he had found a large gold Belgian coin once.

Back in Madge we had a scrumptious lunch (bread and cheese!)


and then, tired from the strong breeze all three of us fell asleep!

Not that that stopped Alfie sleeping some more in his basket later…


Looking forward to more sea breezes tomorrow…