Sorry about the play on words but I couldn’t resist…

Straight to Praa Sands this morning.  A similar day weather-wise as yesterday but, for some reason, a lot less people on the beach.  I took the pics of the surfer whilst still sitting in the passenger seat – not perfect but not bad through the windscreen.  Over and over again he walked out with his board but it wasn’t perfect conditions and he only had one wave to practise on every time.  Pretty good though.  A couple of girls went out into the waves in wetsuits and bobbed about for a bit but that was it as far as water-fun was concerned.

The headland,Hoe Point, looked quite colourful today, with a moody blue sky above…


…but the wind was chilly. After a while we ventured down to the beach but it remained pretty deserted in contrast to yesterday.  Alfie had fun though.


The light today reminds me of paintings by Monet and other impressionist painters…


Might have to try one myself if rain prevents us from leaving the farm.

These soggy retrievers had had a mad time in the surf – something Alfie would never bring himself to try…

DSC_9593 (1)

Out at sea a fishing boat from Penzance came into sight.  Peter tells me it is a crabber.


We went back to Madge and had some lunch (bread and cheese) and then set off for Marazion, another of our favourite places.

I have lost count how many times I have photographed St Michael’s Mount – can’t seem to resist somehow…


The other thing we can’t resist in Marazion is the little cafe in the carpark  that sells the local icecream, my favourite being gooseberry!  Being careful not to get too close to the lady behind the ice cream cabinet, Peter got us two tubs.  No gooseberry!  He got me the same as he always has, a scoop each of chocolate and orange!


We used our own spoons!

On the way back to the farm I managed to take a couple of pics of the llamas we always pass.  Hindered slightly by the wire fence…



Back at the farm the mad running ducks are charging along as usual…


… and the cockerel was showing what a fine fellow he is!


And, keeping with the bird theme, this little Pied Wagtail was perched on the fence beside Madge…