The photo above was taken by me, safe in Madge, of Peter and Alfie on Sennen Cove beach this afternoon.  When we arrived the tide was as far in as it could be and they had huge rocks to negotiate.  Mind you, Alfie preferred the rocks to the wet sand!

Previously, Peter visited the the Sainsburys near Helston and found it a little less well stocked than previously.  Still he managed to get what we wanted with no trouble.  I managed to get a quick shot of a daffodil field – here is a fairly small one but there are obviously more just coming into bud.



Downhill to Sennen Cove

When we parked Madge in the virtually empty carpark…


… we were facing the sea lapping against the huge caramel coloured rocks.


There was  this strange vessel chugging along…


Peter tells me it is a marine work platform and it gradually disappeared into the distance.

Once the tide had gone out a little Peter went back down on to the beach and I  particularly like this photo he took of Alfie posing imperiously by a huge rock…


Gradually, more people came down onto the beach and the sun made a half-hearted attempt to come out.


The water below Madge began to take on a gorgeous turquoise hue…


A lone surfer appeared with his board (you have to look hard) but there was scarcely a wave in sight so he spent most of his time standing in the water!


We were sad that we couldn’t visit the Little Bo cafe as usual because of Coronavirus and doubt whether they would have been open anyway.  I hope they’re not going to become a permanent victim.

As we left Sennen I took a photo of this lovely little chapel which, apparently has become quite famous in Cornwall.  Look at the cross!



As we near Penryn our road crosses the Maritime Rail Line which is part of the network that links Falmouth with Plymouth and on which no doubt my Cornish ancestors would have travelled.


Back to the farm and we discover a campervan has joined us.  Luckily the individual hard standings are very well spaced.