How do you fancy this as your retirement home?  Poldhu used to be a hotel many years ago but is now a rather upmarket care home for the elderly.

It’s very blustery today and a slight misdirection by me meant that, instead of driving straight to Poldhu Cove, we made an unexpected visit to Kynance Cove by mistake.  We had visited Kynance before but, never mind, we found ourselves in the National Trust carpark.  It seemed a shame not to give Alfie a quick run while we were there and so, despite the howling wind, Peter and Alfie disappeared for some time.  In fact, they went the whole hog, down the winding path towards the tiny cove.




Probably a Meadow, or possibly, a Rock Pippit


DSC_9673 (1)

Very definitely a Wheatear

We decided to try to find Poldhu Cove after all.  It’s just beyond Mullion Cove and I don’t think we have ever been there before.

The Pay and Display carpark had a non-functioning machine so it was free!  As we were parking, several cars pulled up and whole families piled out, all in woolly hats and parkas.  Obviously a very popular spot at the weekend.



An odd beach – dunes beside the road and then quite slaty and large pebbles.  What with that and a howling wind, I found it quite tricky to actually stand up!  Alfie, however, didn’t let it worry him!

DSC_9680 (1)



In fact, the place was a doggy wonderland…


It was a dog, by the way, not a panther despite appearances!

Before I embarassed myself by falling over we decided to make a get-away and get back to the safety of Madge.

To finish on a humorous note, Peter took this pic of a couple of rather large garden ornaments nearby…


Tomorrow, fans, is supposed to be full sun!  Looking forward to it…