On the way to Norfolk – how lovely to be back in Madge on our way to our favourite orchard.Great to see Ely Cathedral at a distance (above) and various craft were to be found along the way…

How lucky were we with this weather!

As well as boats of all shapes and sizes there were interesting old buildings too…

Or a combination of both!

We always know when we are near our holiday destination – this barn in Bustards Lane means we are approaching Bramley House – our camping ground of choice for many years now.

Nothing has changed much except that the wonderful lady who owned it, Jan, passed away a few years ago. Luckily, her partner John is carrying on with the business. We settled in quickly at the back of the orchard. it felt like we were at our second home.


Tomorrow we will no doubt be off to Brancaster beach to give Alfie his first run on the wonderful beach there!