Today we have decided to visit the north coast of Norfolk to see what some of the larger seaside towns look like. We are going cross-country and turn off at the roundabout where our favourite farm shop used to be. Unfortunately this no longer exists and, in its place, a circus has landed.

We turned off at this junction and headed directly northwards. I remember, from some time ago,that we visited the tiny town of Little Walsingham. That was with a smaller motorhome. Before we knew where we were we found ourselves in the heart of the village at the Shrine, which even has his own shop..

The streets became narrower and narrower but we made it alright.

We eventually got through the village, watched by some bemused citizens who no doubt wondered what on earth made these idiots bring their motorhome into their tiny village.

We approached Cromer:

We couldn’t find the coast at all and decided to give Cromer a miss, even though my Uncle Jim used to be the Coastguard at Cromer (fans of this blog may remember me finding his coastguard house near Hull (Easington). No, we would leave that to another time and drive up the coast to Sheringham.

We should have known better.

We hadn’t gone far when the traffic slowed to a standstill and we crept slowly along until we saw the reason for the tortoise-like progress. There was a petrol station only just in sight where the road was blocked in both directions.

Slightly ahead was a left turn which we crawled towards at the pace of a snail.

“Where on earth was the police” we cried! How could they allow a main road to be blocked in this way? We will never know because, after about a half an hour we managed to reach the left turning and escaped with joy the curse of the coastal road.

We never did find Sheringham but managed to get embroiled in tiny single track roads until we reached, guess where? Little Walsingham! Poor old Peter…

Would we ever find our way out again? Somehow we did and decided to go back to the beach, even though it was getting late. Poor old Alfie – he was still waiting for his coastal walk!

So, guess where we ended up? Why, Brancaster of course! It was getting quite late so we managed to park a little nearer to the beach! Of course Alfie had a great time and we went to our usual bit of dunes where I parked myself and Peter and Alf went off on their adventures. As luck would have it, there were more birds than usual:

Little Egret

Now what I haven’t mentioned yet is my hairdo of the day. There was a tremendous breeze and I asked Peter if he could give me a ponytail. The trouble was we had nothing to secure it with. Nothing, that is, bar an ‘unused’ poo bag! Oh well, needs must…

In the end, however, I had to put my hood up as well – just need a collecting tin!

One last photo of the golf club and we were off…

On the way back the storm clouds gathered…

We were tired when we got back to our orchard and decided, what with the predicted rain and the shortage of diesel, we’d cut our holiday short by a day and head back on Wednesday. It’s been lovely as usual but no fun in the rain!

This is our last blog post for the time being – see you next time and thanks for reading!!