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The weather started a little dull this morning so we drove Bessie round to the bay just past the village of Houghharry, which is near the campsite.  We parked on the grass and watched the beach.  Gradually, all our favourites turned up.  First there was a flock of Sanderlings who seemed to be playing grandmother’s footsteps with the waves as they trickled in.



A little Wheatear marched importantly up and down the beach, harrying the Sanderlings occasionally as if it might have some young nearby.  She looks quite frightening here.


Suddenly, a flurry of Dunlins flew in along the beach – it was quite tricky to pick them out at a distance amongst the pebbles.



Then with a whisper of wings they rose into the air, only to settle down again on another part of the shore.


A female Shelduck flew past – the first we have seen since Vatersay.


A couple of female Eiders came swimming along, with some ducklings in tow.


One of the Eiders decided to settle down on the wet sand in front of us – we called her ‘Grandma’!


Peter had his eye on a tiny bird some way off, who was incredibly difficult to photograph -possibly a Yellow Wagtail.  The challenge is to find it in this photo!


Meanwhile, the Sanderlings were still rushing in and out of the surf.


We eventually dragged ourselves away and continued on our journey westwards, passing this rather haughty looking lamb!


The weather has brightened and, continuing the animal theme, these cows near Loch Scolpaig complete the scene, especially the one on the rock!


We pass an enormous bay – Vallay – and today the tide is mostly covering the vast area of sand.  The colours are simply exquisite.



This small traditional house is used for self-catering holidays – what a fantastic view!


Sheep don’t have to be white

Sheep don’t have to be white

Saltmarsh covered in millions of pink Thrift flowers

Saltmarsh covered in millions of pink Thrift flowers

We popped over to the island of Berneray via the causeway…


… And finished the afternoon off with some soup and cake at the Lobster Pot tearoom there.  The service was indifferent from the English owner and it was one of those places with notices plastering the walls – mostly of a prohibitive kind.  Very off-putting.

Back at the campsite, this was the view from Bessie, well after 10pm!