To celebrate our wedding anniversary we decided to treat ourselves to a journey on the North York Moors steam railway from Goathland to Whitby and back.

Our campsite is not too far from the station – taking the country way that is! Just over the field in front of Bessie, two stiles and a mile walk along the old railway track brought us into Goathland village, from where it was a short distance to the railway station. We got there in plenty of time just in case there were coach loads of tourists. Not today thank goodness. By the way, you may notice that we are in anoraks – it’s freezing today!


Peter bought our tickets from the original ticket office…


… and I was in time to take some photos of the train coming into the station which was going on to Pickering (engine named ‘Chiru’ and built in 1942).

DSC_0402DSC_0407We had plenty of time to spare so popped into the station buffet for a cornish pastie and a drink.


The opposite platform

The opposite platform

Signal Box

Signal Box

Along came our train, with engine ‘Eric Treacy’ confusingly (for me anyway) at the front but back to front!

DSC_0425DSC_0427We decided to pay a small premium and travel First Class – really comfortable seats and a whole carriage to ourselves.

DSC_0501At the next stop, Grosmont, there was a turnaround and the engine went to the back of the carriages and we pulled by a diesel engine to Whitby. Here there was a 30 minute stop and Peter got out to take some photos.

DSC_0478DSC_0480We had made the decision to return on the same train and then take Bessie back to Whitby later on.

Our conductor was smartly and appropriately dressed for the period.


It was wonderful travelling at such a stately pace and hearing the whistle blowing. These school children seemed pleased to see us!


Back at Grosmont, the diesel was dropped off and we continued on to Goathland without it.


Grosmont also had a yard with quite a few interesting engines and coaches, including the 1932 engine, ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’.


When we got back to Goathland we stood on the bridge across the track and watched while our train chugged off on its continuing journey to Pickering – the end of the line.


The whole experience was great and took us both back to our 50s childhood when steam was de rigeur on the railways. Brilliant.


This poster for Saltburn reminded me of when I went there by train with my parents back in 1956. Nostalgic times.

DSC_0578Collecting Bessie we drove back up to Whitby and enjoyed some excellent fish and chips on the harbour.

DSC_0581IMG_1532DSC_0586DSC_0597Whitby is busy and bustling and we really liked it. What a great way to spend our anniversary!