It rained and it rained this morning in the orchard so we decided on a cooked breakfast! A cursory glance at the forecast decided us – there was a chance of dry weather later at Welney Wetlands centre on the river Ouse.

We didn’t rush and got to Welney after 2pm. We love it there. Could that be down to the birds or the cafe? Anyone who has followed this blog over the last few years will probably conclude it’s the cafe. More to the point, the homemade cakes.

A trundle over the bridge (after confirming the cafe closing time – 4pm) and we were safely ensconced in the large hide. A slight disappointment weighed in when we realised that the vast majority of birds in close proximity were Mallards and the odd Mute and Whooper Swan.


However, on closer examination we picked out a Gadwall:


and a couple of Pochard who were constantly diving for food:


I love it when Mute Swans form a heart shape with their wings:


It was as if the birds had watches – as 3.30pm approached (the time for the daily Swan Feed) the Whooper Swans started making their way over from their distant island retreats.

This one seemed to have a dodgy wing and ran across the surface!

This one seemed to have a dodgy wing and ran across the surface!


This couple left it to the last minute before they started off.


Meanwhile the Mute Swans were waiting patiently…


Ah there she is – at last!


We had a few minutes to beetle back to the cafe! The chocolate cake looked good and the coffee went down a treat as the weather had taken turn for the worse.


Please note the sweeteners!

On the way home the most dramatic sunset occurred:


So we’re back to that old adage again, though the weather forecast seems to contradict it – unfortunately!