The Starling chicks on the barn opposite were making a racket today – a straggly line-up on the roof and a few poking out of the holes in the stepped buttress below.


DSC_0575The blue fishing boat sped by and the water gradually changed from a pale blue to turquoise.


DSC_0580We decided to have a quiet day – me painting and Peter reading – near Bessie on the seat looking out to the sea.

We popped down to the Airport café in the afternoon to put a blog post on.  We have got friendly with the lady who owns it and she doesn’t mind if we hang on a bit after they have closed.


Driving back we passed some of our favourite views, the red-roofed house in the featured image and this cream and red house that’s comes into view as you drive down the hill.  What a wonderful position and the white ponies just add to its charm.

DSC_0581Peter walked down to our beach and took yet more photographs…


DSC_0615DSC_0621DSC_0626DSC_0633DSC_0632…while I resumed my painting taken from a photograph of a house down by the jetty, seen through the reeds growing in front of it.


We finished the day with an excellent barbeque.  It had got quite windy so Peter put the windbreak up.  It was still sunny though.