Looking out of the window in Bessie last night we suddenly saw that the sky was indigo and coral in horizontal broken stripes!  Peter dashed up the hill behind us and got this photo.  This beats any previous sunset we have ever seen so of course it had to be our header picture.

Going back to the beginning of our day, we thought we would make the most of the predicted warm and sunny day by going down to the jetty and nabbing the best spot.  Peter did some bird watching (not many about unfortunately) while I tackled the old harbour.


Peter managed to get this excellent shot of a Green Veined White butterfly (identified after a hack through the excellent RSPB Butterflies and Moths book by Dorling Kindersley) on a dandelion.


What an elegant bird the Tern is – this is a Common Tern…


Apart from these, there was a passing seal and yet another Great Northern Diver.


We stopped at Earsary again and sat for a while on the seat there but it was so windy and there was nothing around so we got back into Bessie again and drove down to Vatersay, via the Co-op.


A family were on the beach and it looked idyllic – it is a very sheltered bay but I imagine the water was pretty cold.


A Stonechat sat on some barbed wire – rusty at that.  Amazing how the combination of that, the orange of the bird and the stunning blue of the sky makes such an harmonic picture.


In the distance, as we approached the causeway, Peter spotted these Grey Seals across the water.  We wondered whether they were pups and reading up on the subject it seems they are usually born between October and February so that would make sense.  They are born white apparently.


This one is a born performer… I think he’s smiling.


In Castlebay the Isle of Lewis is arriving – looks great with the Castle on a lovely evening.


Back to the campsite and we end where we began – with that wonderful sunset.