Peter and Alfie’s morning walk brought forth more delightful small birds – the Sanderlings, Dunlins and Ringed Plovers:





Talking of which, I’d like to ask for suggestions for these next two photos.  I have called them Gossips and Gossips 2.  What do you imagine they are saying?  Answers in the comments below please, including all you readers who are reading the blog but not leaving any comments. ☺  Come on now, get your creative juices flowing!



How about this for a mass landing?  Some of the faces look childlike to me!


Our next door neighbours (human ones that is) are a family of four – mum, dad and two teenage sons (I wonder who they remind me of?).  On their washing line is a Liverpool flannel – I am sure this will be appreciated by some fans of this blog!


Down in Castlebay it was time for our first top up of diesel – £1.47!  I don’t know what the prices are like at home now but hopefully not this high!


We paid one of our regular visits to Vatersay and saw some of our old friends – a Wheatear (featured) and a Sandpiper – together with our seal friend and the Diver…





These gulls rose in the air just at the right moment!


Peter thinks this rock reminds him of a bloodhound?


Back on the road to our campsite we noticed a cloud of white smoke – a farmer was burning off the bracken we think.


I have been bemoaning the fact that we haven’t seen our fair share of Lapwings this year.  This one was posing nicely amongst the flowers.


Finally, we decided to try the food at one of the few hotels on the island and had booked for dinner.


The food was nicely cooked and served but the highlight of the evening was the male foursome at the bar.  They were completely unaware of the dining patrons and had definitely had a few drams by the time we arrived.  A lot of laughing and banter but the best bit was when one of the waitresses left her duties to drive one of them home as he was obviously the worst for wear.  A few minutes later and she was back.  Another almost Fawlty Towers moment was when Peter went up to the bar to pay by credit card to be asked by the waitress politely to pay at reception.  He went out to reception only to find the same girl there!

The quirks of Barra are why we love it so much!