Each evening we listen to the shipping/weather forecast with trepidation.  Is this wonderful spell of sunny weather going to end soon?  Apparently not.  So far that is.  As a person who hates extreme heat, it is perfect for me at the moment and I would imagine is hovering around the 22 degree mark with a light breeze.  No mugginess – wonderful as it doesn’t sap your energy (such as it is).

Peter’s early morning explorations with Alfie down at the beach found yet more Sanderlings, a few Dunlins and the usual Ringed Plovers.  He has named this group the Fab Four – John, Paul, Ringo and err… Ringo!





For a change we didn’t go down to Castlebay for the Co-op and decided to make do.


Lemon drizzle at the airport café kept us going and we spent yet more time at the old jetty, with a walk along the beach and just lazing around!




Eider with babies on tow!

In the hedgerows the cow parsley is beginning to take over – a wonderful white cloud of flowers:


At last, the irises are showing signs of flowering all over the island.


It will be amazing very soon but no signs yet of the wild orchids.  I hope we see them before we leave the island.

Sitting out on the bench we heard a sudden whoosh and saw a flurry of birds suddenly rise up and land on the lobster pots on the quay.  We thought they were probably twites but, surprisingly, they were sparrows.  A whole family (featured image).


Mum & Dad?

That made our day!